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My Google+ Page:http://www.sixpackshortcuts.com/googleplus?c=4&k=138

Hey guys, come check us out on google plus! We are gonna be posting videos, pics, answering fitness questions and using google plus to help us interact more with you guys to help … show moreyou get in shape.

Also, if you liked my videos or they helped you to get in shape, you can really help me out by giving them a +1. This will help to share the video with your friends -- they will see that you +1d the video when theyre on youtube. This is a great way to get your friends in shape, and to help me spread the word about fitness!

Im really excited about Google Plus and I think that it has some killer tools that I can use to help you get in better shape. Its going to be an important part of the Six Pack Shortcuts community from now on, and you should make sure to check my profile regularly to ensure you dont miss out on new videos or tips:


See you there!

- Mike hide

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